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Hatfield Detectives (P) Ltd. was established way back in 1991. Hatfield has a rare breed of professionals at your service for confidential and discreet investigation. Just about anything. Just about anywhere.

Hatfield Detectives is an organisation which traces its beginning to 1991 by Mr. Ajit Singh.

Investigation and is known for his impeccable service. Mr. Ajit Singh has traveled throughout the length and breadth of this country and abroad in connection with the investigation. Although he has a big network throughout, but because of his personal devotion to his field, he keeps every case of investigation under his supervision. Mr. Ajit Singh is the member of "WORLD ASSOCIATION OF DETECTIVES INC., USA". & connected with more than 1500 private detectives of 70 countries throughout the world.

Hatfield Detectives offers a complete range of private investigation services for your business & personal investigations needs, all over India and abroad. Our Investigation and research services will provide you with information you need. We answer the who, what, where, when & how of the issues.

We are one of the leading private investigation organizations in India, which has carved its own place in the field of Private Investigations. Hatfield Detectives' fame has spread far beyond India's boundaries. The Group's overseas clients include banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations and individuals.

The Corporate office of Hatfield Detectives is located in New Delhi, India. This office allows the organisation to represent clients throughout the state and region.
With knowledgeable, highly disciplined and resourceful personnel, Hatfield Detectives is the right choice for all your investigation needs in india and abroad.

Hatfield's Value Statement
Our business practices are guided by RESPECT, FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY. These values are fundamental and must be extended to all employees, clients, partners and vendors.
Because we strive to continually provide our clients with valued services, it is essential that we uphold the highest standards of COMPETENCE, PRODUCTIVITY and ACCOUNTABILITY through our hiring, management and training practices.
We respect individual talents – but it is TEAMWORK that galvanizes our overall success.

Pre-Employment Verification

  • Get answers for the who, what, where, when and howof issues anytime and anywhere from the private detectives of Delhi-based Hatfield Detective agency. Pre-employment or post-employment investigations; matrimonial issues; asset verification; handwriting authentication and corruption enquiries are our forte. Hatfield detective agency maintainsutmost confidence and provides timely results.
    In the era of Professional management, professional executives have to fill the top positions in any business house. Most senior positions are filled through references and negotiations and the management save a few thousands per annum in selecting professionals through open advertisements.
    It is of vital importance to know the track record of an executive regarding his capability to ensure productivity and profitability as also his level of loyalty and integrity.
    People who have fast turnover of executives will appreciate that it is always better to spend a few thousands in the verification of antecedents of an incumbent rather than try one for few months, allow him to play with funds of the organisation and then get rid of him.

    Typical examples are : -
     •Omit a previous employment record due to the loss of a job over a certain matter.
     •Adding qualifications that have never been obtained.
     •Fabricating the entire C.V. to attain a specific position.
    Without pre-employment screening you are gambling with your company’s future. Companies that hope to succeed in today’s competitive environment must know the background of their prospective employees
    When a situation arises where there is doubt as to the legitimacy of a C.V, we are able to confirm the details contained and, where necessary, check to see if any previous employment details have been omitted. We offer a full package of employment screening services including verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation. Each check will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and provided to you in an easy to read investigative report. These services can be provided quickly and efficiently since we understand that it is not practical to wait for a number of weeks to obtain the required information and risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff. We uncover the past to protect your future

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